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Hosted PBX


A Hosted PBX Phone System Makes Good Business Sense

Hosted IP-PBX phone systems give businesses of all sizes the most productive phone system calling features traditionally available to only the largest enterprises. No in-house systems or software to buy, manage and maintain is require for the phone system to work. Our hosted IP-PBX phone systems are a superior alternative that any others based IP PBX system. It delivers a productive set of business-grade calling features and integrates all your local, long distance and Internet access services over a single network connection. This way, you can take advantage of all the calling features anywhere in the world.

Hosted IP-PBX phone systems let you share a number of incoming phone lines among a larger number of extensions, so it’s not necessary to pay for a separate line for every office employee or workstation, which saves money. But the implementation and ongoing maintenance of an traditional or VoIP PBX system requires a type of expertise that your IT staff may not have. And if you go with a commercial product, the up-front costs for the hardware and software may be high. One alternative is to use hosted IP PBX phone system service.

A big advantage of using hosted phone system is that you don’t have to make the initial capital investment in expensive equipment. Further, you don’t need anyone on staff to maintain and troubleshoot it.

Calling Features That Add Value

Features such as voice message emailing and cell phone integration mean fewer lost calls and quicker responses. Never miss a return call. Our on line call detail reporting gives you the information you and your staff need to help manage your business more efficiently/effectively. Manage your own phone system with our web interface. Over 30 standard features included with every system

Why Choose a Hosted IP-PBX VoIP phone system Solution

  • Every month’s bill is the same, no hidden charges or fees.

  • There is less equipment on site.

  • Configuration and changes are completed remotely.

  • Flat rate calling to all of Canada and the USA eliminates long distance.

  • You share one infrastructure for voice and data, less installation effort.

  • Your warranty lasts as long as you use the hosted service.

  • Features such as e-mailing and cell phone integration mean less lost calls and quicker responses.

  • Remote offices can be fully integrated with the head office; one receptionist can serve several locations.

  • On the road, you can check your voice mails anywhere you have access to the internet.

  • Calls can be redirected on the fly, either manually or from a pre-determined schedule.

  • Need more lines or telephone set? Work is completed the same day if required, possibly without a site visit.

  • You require a broadband connection, preferably DSL or Fibre, to provide this service on.

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